Transporter TV Series Begins Filming In Toronto

Regular readers of Joseph Mallozzi’s blog will already be well aware of the TV series based on the Transporter films and we highly recommend checking in over there regularly for all kinds of behind the scenes goodness about the show. Mallozzi and his writing partner Paul Mullie serve as Executive Producers for this new series as well as writers for several episodes. Many of you will remember the duo as an integral part of the Stargate franchise beginning with Stargate SG-1 season four and continuing through Stargate Atlantis and the recent Stargate Universe. The two wrote most of my favorite episodes of the three Syfy series which makes me very interested in checking out this new show. Robert Cooper, another Stargate alum also serves as an Executive Producer and he, Mallozzi and Mullie will be working alongside Luc Besson, who originated the film series this is based on, Fred Fuchs and Alexander Ruemelin. Susan Murdoch and Klaus Zimmermann will serve as producers.

Filming begins warps up on the twelve episode first season in November and the show will debut on CINEMAX in 2012. [Update: As indicated in the comments below, the show is currently shooting and finishes in November. Aplogies to all for the error.] Chris Vance stars as professional transporter Frank Martin, who can always be counted on to get the job done – discreetly. Operating in a seedy underworld of dangerous criminals and desperate players, his three rules are: Never change the deal, no names, and never open the package. Occasionally, complications arise and rules get broken. Andrea Osvart (Duplicity) co-stars as Martin’s trusted handler Carla and Francois Berleand reprises his role of Inspector Tarconi from the three films. The cast also includes Delphine Chaneac (Splice) in the recurring role of Juliette, a reporter who seems to know a lot about Frank’s work, and Rachel Skarsten (Made…The Movie, Birds of Prey) as Delia, the daughter of someone from Frank’s past. Lost Co-Executive Producer and Director Stephen Williams is directing the first episode.

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