The Destiny Crew Finds Deliverance On Stargate Universe

“DELIVERANCE” Airs Monday, March 7 at 10:00 PM on Syfy

Destiny is locked in a battle with a Drone Command Ship and surprised by the arrival of the aliens that abducted Rush and Chloe.

This is a terrific episode, full of action, thrills, intrigue and just a little bit of romance. Following up on the mid-season finale, Destiny is getting pummeled by drone ships and their erstwhile allies in the seed ship have scarpered. A still-metamorphosing Chloe has escaped confinement and has sent a signal to someone. Both issues get resolved in this episode and the bigger dilemma of what’s happening to Chloe gets somewhat fixed, but perhaps not entirely. There is also a few bizarre scenes of Rush actually being nice to people. Sure, for one scene it’s to get a couple of people out of the way so that he and Eli can work, but Rush seems to actually be trying to be nicer and warmer to the rest of the crew, even perhaps developing a sort of paternal interest in Chloe. It will be interesting to see if Rush is just developing a new way to manipulate people or if he is truly changing for the better.

It’s always enjoyable to see Patrick Gilmore, Peter Kelamis and Jennifer Spence and all three are really outstanding in this episode. I really hope to see them get more to do in the final nine episodes. Even the sorely-overlooked Julia Benson get a key scene or two. Now that the crew has the bridge and control of the ship, it is very interesting to see everyone starting to slowly become an actual crew. I think we will see everyone become more unified in purpose as the season progresses.

The script is by Paul Mullie, going solo from his writing partner Joseph Mallozzi, and he does an admirable job. Nothing feels rushed or out of place and he keeps the pace going at a fast clip. Great dialogue for everyone abounds and feels like the episode is over before it should be. We get a solo Mallozzi story later this year, but I am rather sad that we won’t see anymore epic Mallozzi/Mullie Stargate episodes. As a team, they’ve written some of my favorite episodes of the entire Stargate franchise and I will be following them to whatever series they are transported to next.

Fantastic mid-season resolution with some great things to carry us forward, but bittersweet nonetheless. Nine more episodes to go before the end. Check back next week for our thoughts on the next episode.

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