ECCC2011: Talking To Keith Curtis About The Moon

Anyone who has attended Emerald City Comicon for the last half a decade will be familiar with Keith Curtis. Even if you have managed to miss his awesome booth, you will have heard him playing in the crowd on his trumpet each day the show opens and solenly playing everyone out at close. Even if you aren’t there all day, you would have heard the rousing sounds of the full jazz band he has playing at his booth, keeping con attendees pepped up during the long walks on the exhibition floor. Curtis’ booth is always a frequent stop for PCZ during Emerald City, not just for the great music, but also to check out the latest issue of his photo-graphic novel, Crater on the Moon. The book is a thrilling old-school b-movie sci-fi romp done by photographing Curtis and other folks in action and then creating a comic book. Crater on the Moon is also based on the classic tale Jason and the Argonauts, so there’s a firm story at the root of it all. Check out Joe’s chat with Keith Curtis and be sure to check out Crater on the Moon!


Video by Russel Kealoha

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