“KALI” – Airs Friday, October 15th at 9:00 PM on Syfy

The season three opener finds the Sanctuary team desperately trying to find a way to reach Kali to prevent catastrophic tidal waves from killing millions around the world. Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) defends her position as the head of the Sanctuary Network and Will (ROBIN DUNNE), still in Mumbai, fights for his life.

As the episode description above says, the season three premiere literally picks up right where last season’s finale ended. A dying Will’s Bollywood dance number was sabotaged by an attack on Big Bertha/Kali, who then started a huge tidal wave. The attack came from the ambitious Wexford, who unceremoniously deposed Magnus and took over as de facto leader of the Sanctuary network and he is determined to kill Big Bertha. Everyone’s in danger and everything is up in the air as we start a new episode and season. So, how does it all get resolved? I’ll save the spoilers, but i will tell you everything does not get tidied up neatly. There is bravely, deception, back-stabbing, death and surprising allies and it all works exceptionally well.

I’ll admit I had no clue as to how the writers were going to satisfactorily resolve the season two cliffhangers, but this premiere re-iterates the Sanctuary cast and crew’s determination to not just think outside the box, but think inside a parallelogram while everyone is paying attention to the box. This may just be one of the most creative and higher concepts shows on TV and they have left behind the usual tropes and boundaries of scripted shows a while ago. And I was really amazed at how much tighter and smarter the dialogue and pacing have gotten. The acting has also evolved by leaps and bounds, but don’t take that to mean I thought less of it before. Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne and the rest of the cast have already shown us they can knock it out of the park. It just feels like the past two seasons were but a warm up and now they’re really opening up. I think now that team Sanctuary has more than proven itself, both the cast and crew are finally comfortable enough to really cut loose and go for broke both in terms of story and performance. The end result is a wonderful series finally living up to its potential and feeling free to be much more than may have been expected of it. As will be seen next week, it only gets better…

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