Sanctuary Preview For Friday, October 22

“FIREWALL” Airs Friday, October 22 at 10:00 PM on Syfy

Will is caught napping again as the team tries to take on a creature that may too big for them to handle.

This episode is a very strong follow up to last week’s season premiere and sees the team encounter a bizarre pair of beings. Are they aliens or high tech abnormals? Unfortunately, our heroes are unable to determine their origins. However, Magnus and crew are able to unlock a puzzle that, presumably, is followed through over the next few episodes, if not the rest of the season. Once again, the acting and dialogue is the best it has ever been on this always excellent show and the story is intriguing. While this episodes continues the aftermath of the Sanctuary team’s encounter with Kali/Big Bertha, it also sets up the next storyline. Refreshingly, it does not tie up either in a nice bow, but instead leaves things going.

The third season of any series usually ends up being the “slump season” (I’m looking at you Lost), but this year Sanctuary really feels like it’s just getting started. The creativity and writing has hit new highs and I’m really enjoying the interactions between the characters. They really feel like a family and the father/son dynamic between Ryan Robbins’ Henry and Christopher Heyerdahl’s Bigfoot is especially fun to watch. There were some fans that were put off by the addition of Agam Darshi’s Kate last season, but she was a character I immediately warmed to and she should put any complaints to rest by now. Of course, Robin Dunne and Amanda Tapping always light up the screen and have such a great chemistry together. All together it is easy to see these characters as a family and one that is rewarding to visit with each week. Season three is the best yet for this show and I eagerly look forward to next week!

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