Mark Sheppard’s Doctor Who Character Revealed

There has been talk over this past weekend that popular guest actor Mark Sheppard would be appearing in the next series of Doctor Who. Pop Culture Zoo has been able to confirm with BBC America that the rumors are indeed true. Not only that, we have a name for his character: Canton Everett Delaware III. Sounds like an American name, which is fitting since Sheppard will be in the opening two-part episode, slated to be partly filmed in Utah and take place in the US. It will be somewhat ironic if the British-born actor finally gets a role on the quintessential British series only to play an American with a matching accent! I had hoped that he was the new Master, but it would appear those hopes are in vain…or are they? Can anyone decipher an anagram from Canton Everett Delaware III that includes The Master? Stay tuned to Pop Culture Zoo for much more Doctor Who goodness to come!

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