Have you ever wanted own everything by Tegan and Sara? Here’s your chance! The globally celebrated pop-rock icons will release a very special digital bundle of their entire album catalog exclusively through the iTunes Store on September 21st. The Complete Recollection: 1999-2010, pre-order currently priced at $49.99, will include:

Under Feet Like Ours (1999) / This Business Of Art (2000) / If It Was You (2002)
So Jealous (2004) / Live At The Phoenix (2005) / The Con (2007) / Sainthood (2009)

“The First” / “I Hear Noises” / “Monday Monday Monday” / “Living Room”
“Walking With A Ghost” / “Speak Slow” / “Back In Your Head” / “The Con” / “Call It Off”
“Hell” / “Alligator” / “On Directing” / “Northshore”

The Making Of So Jealous / The Con: The Movie