Gareth David-Lloyd Writes ‘Torchwood’ Comic

In the new issues of the official Torchwood Magazine, out on April 15th in the UK and May 11th in the US, Gareth David-Lloyd gives a new lease on life to Ianto, the character he has portrayed on the Torchwood TV series. Ianto dies in last year’s Torchwood mini-series event “Children of the Earth” but it seems there is one more tale to tell about the erstwhile defender of Earth.

Talking exclusively to the official Torchwood Magazine, David-Lloyd said, “I feel I know this character implicitly. The narrative of this comic focuses predominantly on Ianto, and integrates a number of characters who have been missed by Torchwood‘?s ardent followers.”

The magazine further teases the story by offering the following description: The story, titled “Shrouded”, is made up of two parts and is as diverse as it is thrilling. Ianto, who struggles with his tumultuous feelings for Captain Jack from the offset, has his world turned upside-down by the visit of a familiar face from the future. Additionally, he is set a mission that could alter the course of life, as he knows it, forever…

The artist for the story is Pia Guerra, critically acclaimed artist for Vertigo’s Y: The Last Man and IDW’s Doctor Who: The Frogotten. Guerra is an amazing artist and her style perfectly lends itself to the world of Torchwood. Here’s a preview of the first page of the strip. Reserve your copy of Torchwood Magazine now so you don’t miss out on this great new story!

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