What Has Paul Scheer Gotten Himself Into?

When the “Human Giant” (not literally) comedian presented a spectacular velvet painting to Damon Lindelof and Carleton Cuse, featuring the two Lost producers with a polar bear at last month’s Lost panel in San Diego, he also plugged his Lost fansite, the very aptly named damoncarltonandapolarbear.com.

Scheer has since learned that his masterwork found its way into the garbage bins at the Lost offices. Driven by the curiosity and tenacity that only the die-hardest of Lost fans possess, Scheer went down to the ABC offices on the weekend to figure out what was going on. (Stick around for the end of the video, where the title for the Season 6 opener is revealed. I think.)

According to Lostpedia, a new Lost ‘ARG’ has begun unraveling. Although I’m not totally convinced that there’s much of an interactive game a foot. Sure, Lindelof and Cuse are obviously in on it, and Scheer’s velvet paintings are being threatened by the mysterious Ronnie Midfew Arts (an anagram for Widmore Fine Arts). (Not to mention Scheer’s site is copyrighted by ABC.) But from what’s been going thus far, it seems more like a meta-laugh at the diehard Losties. (Albeit, a very entertaining meta-laugh.)

Stay tuned, as the next chapter unfolds Saturday night at midnight*, when Scheer unveils even more paintings, including one he teases:

“Picture if you will…. Locke’s face on a wolf’s body howling at the moon but the moon’s surface is actually Jack’s face! I’ve already said too much.”

*Seriously, Saturday night at midnight?! They know us too well.

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