One of the few Oscar bait films left to be released finally hits the shelves with The Reader. Otherwise it’s a soft week unless you love the old Exosquad cartoon.

Pick of the Week
The Reader
If Kate Winslet is in your movie I will probably buy it. And the movie that was finally able to get her repeatedly nominated butt over the wall into the Winners category has to be worth my time. I understand it hits some raw nerves and with Winslet and Ralph Fiennes I think this is a safe bet for Pick of the Week. It will also be good to see the Director Stephen Daldry recover from the terribly over-rated The Hours.

The Spirit (The Two-Disc and Blu-Ray editions come with a Digital Copy)
Frank Miller compiled a dream team of supporting actors (Samuel L. Jackson, Eva Mendes, Scarlet Johansson) but cast a little known actor for the little known lead role and suddenly it’s a dud. I really enjoy this film’s style but Miller doesn’t seem to be as strong a filmmaker as he is a comic book artist. Maybe another lesson under Robert Rodriguez during Sin City 2 will improve his game.

Adam Ferrara: Funny as Hell
A talented comedian best known for being five feet to the right of Denis Leary in whatever he is doing (Rescue Me, The Job), put out his first DVD comedy special. You can check out his last CD release to sample his style (One More Thing Before I Go).

Lost in Austen
An ABC family-like tale of a girl transported into a Jane Austen novel. The kind of thing that Anne Hathaway might have been forced to make a few years ago, I would only recommend it for young girls.

TV and Re-Issues
Exosquad: Season 1
Exosquad was a much better toy than it was a show, but if you want the long anticipated first season on DVD you can’t ask for a better price point. Oh, but you also can’t ask for features of any kind.

House of Saddam
The HBO/BBC 4-part miniseries chronicling the rise and fall of Saddam Hussein received a lot of praise as a Middle Eastern The Sopranos, so if you are interested in current events or want to see how that is possible check this out.

The Lost Collection (Slaughter High, Night Before, Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home, Hiding Out, Homer and Eddie, My Best Friend’s a Vampire, Repossessed, Irreconcilable Differences)
A string of terrible 80’s movies get a DVD release. I remember Slaughter High fondly as a ridiculous VHS cover that taunted me every time I tried to pick out a movie as a kid. Odds are you watched and loved one of these horrendous films, the question will be if you remember it.