Review: Adam Strange And Starfire From Matty Collector

Mattel’s online collector’s store,, comes through with another neat DC Universe collection. This time they’re offering up a pack featuring Adam Strange and Starfire. Both highly-articulated figures come in a nifty box with a clear front that makes for the perfect display area, so open with care. The only accessory is Adam Strange’s “space pistol”, but these two figures are fine without them. This set is available now, so go get yours today!


Adam Strange is an Earth man who was suddenly whisked away by a Zeta Beam to the faraway planet of Rann. Defending the planet and winning the love of Alanna, Strange found that the beam’s affects would eventually wear off and return him to Earth, where he would have to track down where the Zeta Beam would strike next and ride it back to Rann. The character is depicted here as he is in his most recent appearances, circa his 2004 mini-series up through last year’s Rann-Thanagar Holy War mini-series.




Starfire is Princess Koriand’r of the planet Tamaran. Exiled by her sister, Komand’r, Starfire fled to Earth where she joined the New teen Titans. She has served in many incarnations of the Titans over the years and most recently aided Adam Strange in defending his adopted planet during several catastrophes. She, too, is depicted as she looks in her most recent appearances.