Evangeline Lilly Is Staying Lost

Rumors have been flying over the last couple of days the Lost‘s Evangeline Lilly was leaving the show for other pastures. Even a firm denial by her manager did little to quell rampant speculation that we might see Kate Austen go six feet under long before the show’s conclusion next year. Just to put everyone […]

Samuel L. Jackson IS Nick Fury…Accept No Substitutes

Finally, we can all rest easy. According to Variety, Samuel L. Jackson has signed a long-term deal with Marvel Studios to play the part of Nick Fury for the next several years. Jackson first appeared as the character in a scene after the end credits of 2008’s Iron Man. This new deal will see him […]

Edgar Wright, ‘Scott Pilgrim’ And…Thor?!?

Watchmen reviews are starting to trickle out and it looks like The Holy Un-filmable Comic Book has not only succeeded in being filmed, but apparently it’s also pretty darn amazing. While I have no Watchmen news for you, I bring a great link regarding the next Will-Be-Great comic book adaptation, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. […]