Diamond Select Toys has revealed a slew of packaged photos giving fans a detailed look at Series 3 in their spectacular Stargate Atlantis line. This line continues to be amazing, delivering incredibly detailed figures and accessories courtesy of the sculpting wizards at Jean St. Jean Studios. DST Stargate Series 3 again features a ‘build-an-accessory’, this time including an Ancient Control Chair that is fully in scale with the line’s 6″ figures. Each figure contains one piece of the Control Chair, so collecting the entire series enables you to build this spectacular device.

Diamond Select Toys’ Stargate Atlantis Series 3 is due in stores later this month and includes the following figures…

  • Ronon Dex (Previews Exclusive)
  • Col. Samantha Carter
  • Dr. Jennifer Keller
  • Garrison Uniform John Sheppard
  • Wraith Drone

Additionally, fans will be able to hunt down a very limited edition Garrison Uniform Jack O’Neill, which will be packed at a rate of only one per case!

Garrison Uniform John Sheppard

Ronon Dex

Dr. Jennifer Keller

Wraith Drone

Col. Samantha Carter

Ancient Chair Device 'build-an-accessory'

Garrison Uniform Jack O'Neil