Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ Zombie Statues by C.S. Moore Studio

I’ve been a fan of C.S. Moore’s work with sculpting since his early Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures. Being a fan of the undead, I was excited when I learned that he was going to produce some pieces based on The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman’s epic zombie survivor comic series. I was especially pumped since this would mean that I could buy some statuettes from Clayburn Moore that aren’t nearly-naked women, which has been his forte in the past.

The line is highlighted with a two-part statue featuring Rich fighting a pair zombies with an axe. I particularly like the zombie that was cut in half. As a statue, it actually looks like a bust which has hanging viscera and organs instead of a nice nametag or base. Future releases will connect to these two pieces to form a proper diorama. Now I feel committed to purchase them all to assure the diorama’s completeness.

The other pieces in the line include torso busts of Andrew, Vince and Nate. I’m not familiar with Vince or Nate, who could be random nobodies or characters we have yet to meet, but the Andrew piece is great. Andrew’s torso is a double thrill because in the comic series we last see Andrew retreating from the safety of the prison. This zombiefied statue seems to suggest he met his end very shortly thereafter. In effect, the statues are actually expanding the universe of the comic, which is a pretty cool bonus.

The packaging on all of the pieces in this line is excellent, including large pictures which display nicely in the box. They also have their limited numbering handwritten the top of the box to match the handwritten numbers on the actual statue’s bases. The foam padding is very well cut since the characters are made with outstretched arms and features that would likely snap off if poorly packaged during shipping. It is also easy enough to slip them back in after opening so you can store them safely.

You can tell the statues are hand-painted, especially with the blood effects which leap out at you and nauseated my wife. The wounds are superb, from the tiny nicks in their fingers to the lower intestines being dragged along the ground. The blood is painted on with a glossy paint while the majority of the work has a more matte finish which makes the blood look fresh and wet. I also love the glazed look added to the eyes which makes the Andrew torso look especially creepy.

I love these statues. They are well made and have been created with amazing gore effects. However, I am disappointed that only Rick made the cut from the lead characters. I personally hope the next wave includes Glenn, Tyreese or even Andrea. I would imagine the draw to make zombies is pretty strong since they are more unique models, but the characters in the story are what the readers have come to love. We need a better balance of loved characters to balance out the horrific zombies that assault them.

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You can order any of these amazing pieces by visiting C.S. Moore’s official online store here. Thanks to C.S. Moore Studio for providing the review samples.

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