Much like the premiere episode of Leverage did a great job of introducing us to the main characters, the second episode handles setting up the basic setting of the series. Essentially, Nathan Ford (Timothy Hutton) has used most of his cut from the pilot to establish Leverage Consulting & Associates, complete with fake history dating back several decades and state of the art offices. This gives the team the cover of a consulting business and a base of operations from which to plan and hatch their latest caper. First case: take on the U. S. Government. Well, sort of.

Ford decides to reunite the team to help a Reservist wounded by what is being called friendly-fire from a private military contractors in Iraq. This incident also claimed the life of his buddy. Utilizing thier own unique talents, Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman), Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane), Parker (Beth Riesgraf), Alec Hardison (Aldis Hodge) and Ford slowly begin to uncover a conspiracy of greed.

This second episode, written by John Rogers and Chris Downey and directed by Dean Devlin, is a strong outing and effectively builds upon the premiere. The team’s raison d’ĂȘtre is convincingly established. The fact that they gelled very well in the pilot and genuinely seem to like and work well with each other makes there coming back together as a team not forced at all. The dialogue is very snappy and the pacing and plotting are tight. I applaud the production team for tackling a headline-ripping, timely subject with grace and dignity. They don’t weigh in on the Iraq itself, merely show the dangerous mixture of greed and guns in an already intense environment. All of this creates an entertaining hour of television that provides a great stand-alone story that leaves you wanting more. Leverage has been added to my weekly must-watch list.