The Savage Dragon Congratulates President Barack Obama

A week after winning a historic Presidential race, Barack Obama is congratulated by none other than Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon. The Dragon was one of the few comic book characters to blatantly support the Democratic candidate, so it’s only fitting that President-elect Obama should shake hands with one of his most loyal supporters. Larsen drew the one page strip exclusively for the Chicago Tribune and you can check it out at their online Geek To Me column. The page will also be part of March’s Savage Dragon #145 from Image Comics, which features the Dragon returning to the police force after twelve years. Obama is reportedly a comic book fan and collector of Conan and Spider-Man comics, so it’s fitting that the four-color world congratulates him. Last week Obama was also declared the President in the Marvel Universe, beating out not only John McCain, but also Steven Colbert in a more-controversial-than-real-life election. A President that loves comics is a President I can happily support.

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