Get Interactive with the New ‘Batman: Brave & the Bold’ Website

Hot on the heels of the debut of Batman: Brave & the Bold on Cartoon Network last Friday, Warner Brothers Animation has unveiled a nifty web companion to their latest animated entry into the Bat-verse.  Fans can now point their browsers to and immerse themselves into all aspects of the cartoon.

Some of the highlights of include:

  • Inter-Action Figures: Virtual action figures that can pose, speak and will eventually allow for exporting of scenes to screensavers and other digital applications.
  • The Terror of the Time Traps: A groovy (and VERY addictive) flash game that allows Bats to be paired with a number of different superheroes. Play along as either the Dark Knight himself or switch things up by changing to Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Green Arrow or a host of forthcoming characters.
  • Bonus Video: Behind the scenes video clips that include interviews with the show’s creators as well as drawing lessons for creating the various characters featured on the show.

Check out this new site now and catch the next episode of Batman: Brave & the Bold next Friday (11/21) 8 PM ET/PT on the Cartoon Network.  Also, check back to Pop Culture Zoo in the coming week for our interview with Diedrich Bader, the new voice of Batman!