Let’s get this out of the way immediately: Weta’s Dalek statue is simply stunning. However amazing you expect this statue to be I can guarantee you are setting your expectations too low. Sculpted by David Tremont and Daniel Cockersell this statue shows the creator’s love of Doctor Who. All the photos online did not prepare me for seeing this piece in person at San Diego Comic Con this year… and even then I was astonished when I finally received one to scrutinize over. In this review, I’ll go over what makes this Dalek a premiere item that all Doctor Who fans should be putting on their holiday wish lists.

The Packaging

The outer box is very attractive and gives a nice concise history of Doctor Who and the episode (of the new BBC series) that the Dalek depicted comes from. To be honest, I initially thought the large photo on the front of the box was of the open Dalek from the actual televised episode. It took me a few moments to realize that it’s a close-up shot of the actual statue.

Inside the box is a sturdy two-piece Styrofoam package that securely holds all the pieces safe from the dangers of being transported. Yes, I did say pieces… five of them to be precise. But “some assembly required” in this case is very cool. I had goosebumps while not only putting the main Dalek body on the display base, but in also attaching the eye stalk, plunger and gun arm. Only Davros himself had greater joy assembling a Dalek.

The Base
Speaking of the base, it is very solidly built with a block on top for the Dalek body to securely and snugly fit over. There are battle marks on the top to add atmosphere to the display. The bottom of the base is hand-signed by the two sculptors as well as individually numbered. A very nice touch that adds to the uniqueness of the statue.

The Detail
This is where you will find it difficult to keep your jaw off of the floor. The detail is nothing short of stunning. The mutant has a glassy, glistening look to it that helps to remind you how off-putting the creature is supposed to be. The Dalek’s opened parts include details on the inside in areas where you wouldn’t normally even look. That’s just one of the things that elevates this above just being a slapped together cash-in. The extra bit of attention by the sculptors goes a very long way indeed.

The outer shell has remarkable little niceties, like shading and weathering around the bumps which really makes this thing look every bit a survivor of the Time War. Every bolt and seam is visible. It’s as if an actual Dalek ran afoul of the Master and ended up the victim of his Tissue Compression Eliminator (that was for all of you old-school Whovians out there). I found myself queuing up the scene the statue is based on and pausing it to compare the details between the Dalek in front of me and what was onscreen. If you do so yourself, prepared to be amazed.

The Conclusion
My hat is off to David and Daniel for sculpting such a remarkable display piece. Making this an opened-cased Dalek with the mutant inside visible takes this statue a step above any Daleks that may already be in your collection. I know I sound as if I’m gushing, but I suspect that you will do the same once you have this piece in your hands. Note that, as of now, Weta is limiting these to a maximum of two per person on their website. Therefore, I suggest not only treating yourself but also your favorite Whovian. The statue is also being distributed by Dark Horse within the United States. This is limited to 900 pieces so I wouldn’t wait very long to get one (or two!). Weta’s Dalek Statue is a shining display piece that should be proudly displayed in your TARDIS… or even your home.

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Thank you very much to Weta and Dark Horse for providing us a review sample of this statue.

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