Celebrate Halloween With Edgar Wright

For those of you in Los Angeles, cancel your Halloween plans because you have something else to do tonight and tomorrow. You will now want to be at the New Beverly Cinema to see some fantastic films with the one and only Edgar Wright. Things kick off at 7:30, so I’d get there early. And […]

New ‘Valkyrie’ Trailer

I’ll be honest, up until now I really didn’t know anything about this film other than it stars Tom Cruise, takes place during World War II and is directed by Bryan Singer. That’s really was all I needed to know to peak my interest. However, after watching the below trailer it has become a must […]

Review: ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno’

It is hard to determine what director Kevin Smith’s intentions were when he set out to make a film that included the word ‘porno’ in its title. The term certainly contains the same level of shock value that Smith has so eagerly included in some of his previous works. From the lampooning of organized religion […]

Straczynski Returns Us To ‘Forbidden Planet’

Earlier this year, at both Emerald City ComiCon and San Diego Comic Con, J. Michael Straczynski hinted that he was scripting a remake of a classic sci-fi film that was near and dear to everyone in attendence.  I’ve speculated over the past few months as to what that film could be and one of my […]