Thursday was a good day to be a comic-lovin’ toy collector. Both Mattel and Hasbro had panels revealing the next characters from the DCU and Marvel universe to hit toy stores.

Mattel/ DCU

– Even though the Justice League Unlimited cartoon is done, the toy line will live on well into 2009—and Beyond. Figures based on old Bruce Wayne, Batman Beyond and Warhawk will be out in the next year. Mattel also announced some obscure fan-favorite additions, including Psycho Pirate, Gentleman Ghost and Sinestro Corp. Sinestro.

– Figures based on the kid-friendly cartoon “The Brave and The Bold” will begin in Spring 2009. A Blue Beetle based on the current comic version, Red Tornado and Aquaman will be part of the first shipments.

– The DC Universe line will continue to grow, as will the “Infinite Heroes” line, which will see 40 new characters over the next year and a half.

Hasbro/ Marvel

– It was only a matter of time. Hasbro is using their Marvel license to create 3 ¾ inch figures, taking the basic model of the classic 80’s G.I. Joe figures. The big announcement was preceded by a trailer narrated by Nick Fury, directing people to check out, to find out if you’re one of Fury’s “Secret Warriors.” More announcements are expected from the site in the future.

– Not only will you able to stage your own Marvel-G.I. Joe crossovers, but the bizarre Marvel-Transformers fusion will continue. Thor turning into a plane, a Cap-to-a-Humvee-like-SUV and a Carnage-hotrod will continue the Crossover series.

– The Mighty Muggs are still going strong. Designs for a Skrull, Vision and old-school Iron Man were shown.

Check out our photo gallery to see some of the toys before they hit the shelves.