Fall Preview: Movies

In this first episode of our Fall Preview Podcast series, the PCZ crew runs down the slate of films coming in September and October. Join Dan, Joe, Ian, Wes and Bob as we make our picks for the must-see flicks of this fall.

‘Torchwood’ Series Three Filming Commences

Our friends over at BBC America have given us the details about the start of production on series three of “Torchwood”. I’m really looking forward to this and am interested to see how a five part, five nights in a row story plays out. I’m glad to see that Gwen’s husband Rys and her former […]

Michelle Rodriguez Once Again ‘Lost’

Michael Ausiello once again comes through with an intriguing “Lost” scoop. Looks like Michelle Rodriguez and her late character Anna Lucia are set to make a return in the upcoming, penultimate season. It’s only for one episode, but will it be in a flashback, a hallucination or a mysterious resurrection off the island? With this […]

‘Stargate Universe’ In 2009

As expected, SCI FI has announced that it has given the go ahead for the third series in the “Stargate” franchise. According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Stargate Universe” will premiere in 2009 with a two-hour pilot followed by a one hour weekly series beginning in the summer. In contrast to it’s two predecessor series, “Universe” […]