Great news from Image Comics today. If you are able, please give to help out Josh.


Even more auctions to come to support Medors!

May 15, 2008 (Berkeley, CA) – This past weekend the Emerald City
ComiCon and Frazetta Comics run Josh Medors Benefit Auction raised
over $10,000 for the FRANK FRAZETTA’S SWAMP DEMON artist in his fight
with cancer.

“The response of the comics community and fans alike has been
amazing,” Medors said. “The money raised not only helps out with
medical expenses, but it also takes a great weight off my shoulders
and helps me focus on what positives I can. I could never thank
everyone enough for what they have done for me.”

What started off with a couple of e-mails and phone calls to a few
friends turned into a mega event, with over 130 lots of donated
original art, books, prints, posters, toys and statues all sold at
the auction. Fans unable to attend the event can still support Josh
in the Ebay auctions, an original John Romita Sr. Mary Jane sketch,
Willow Creek sketch books by artists such as Eric Powell, Tim Vigil
and an the opportunity to appear as a zombie in THE WALKING DEAD.

“Please, bid high and bid often, it’s for a good cause,” WALKING
DEAD creator Robert Kirkman said. “To benefit Josh Medors in his time
of need we’re auctioning off a chance to have you (yes, YOU) appear
in The WALKING DEAD as a zombie. You’ll get a good appearance, and a
good kill, it’s not just a background thing–you’ll get a full
appearance that people will see–I promise.”

Frazetta Comics Editor/Artist Jay Fotos added, “The auction went off
without a hitch even though it was completely overwhelming. We had a
small timeframe to auction and a large amount of donations, with
people donating lots even during the auction! I can’t thank enough to
Jim Demonakos and all the ECCC staff that donated their time to help
the auction move along smoothly. My hat’s off to them, as this was
all truly inspiring.”

Monetary donations to Josh can be made via PayPal to All items are searchable under “Josh Medors
Benefit Auction”.