The Dark Knight Virals Deliver New Posters and a Trailer!

Today the brand new trailer has been posted in glorious HD for you to view and download. Check it out, but you’d better have a drool bucket handy!


The Joker strikes again…
Looks like the folks that won the trailer reels got something unexpected, thanks to the Joker…

Special thanks go out to Zahlwerk and MiniFett, who were able to serve as the PCZ ‘ground team’ in Seattle, WA covering all of Monday’s festivities. For those interested, you can check out photos from the Seattle stop in the TDK ‘Its All Part of the Plan’ game over in our photo gallery.

Link to Seattle, WA gallery!


The posters just keep coming! Check out the latest one, which appears to be an outdoor international poster.


Well, the dust has cleared and a handful of lucky fans in 12 cities worldwide were able to sneak into theaters for an exclusive preview of the new trailer for The Dark Knight. For those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to follow along with the latest of the Joker’s scavenger hunts, fear not… the trailer awaits for you as well! The culmination of today’s events were unveiled at this site, which promises the full 3rd trailer for the latest Bat-Flick to be online this coming Sunday.

Can’t wait until then? We don’t blame you.

Sorry, trailer has been pulled by WB!

UPDATE 4/29:

As if today isn’t busy enough with new The Dark Knight goings-on, four new international posters were revealed over on Brazilian site Omelete. These should tide you over until the next main event in the Joker viral marketing kicks off across the country later today. PCZ has people on the ground at the Seattle location and will be reporting with photos of all the action.

Until then, enjoy these posters!

On Wednesday, April 23rd the viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight kicked back into high gear. Emails were sent out from Jim Gordon with instructions to help out in a sting operation to apprehend corrupt Gotham City police officers. At the website Operation Splipknot pictures were posted of bad cops along with intel gathered that lead people to call the Gotham Intercontinental Hotel and request a package being held. The lucky few that got through on the phone lines started receiving their packages first thing on the morning of the 24th and, as they registered online, Gordon and his crew moved in to arrest the corrupted. Find out all the details of the entire operation here. Once all the arrests had been made, some folks received calls from Jim Gordon thanking them for all their hard work. Those out there with Joker phones received text messages from the Clown Prince of Crime telling them “it’s all part of the plan.” Adding that message to the end of the the whysoserious website yielded a new website with Jokerized portraits of US Presidents along with a lever that, when activated, revealed the below new poster. Also on that site is a note that simply says “four days.” Could that mean we will get the new trailer on Monday?!? Stayed tuned! Meanwhile, check out the poster and yearn to see this movie even more!

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